Weird Zigbee "retain" behaviour

I have been seeing a few issues between Node-red and Zigbee2Mqtt that don’t make much sense.

I have “retain” set for every device in the configuration.yaml file so I am not sure what is going on here. A month or so ago, the error was never seen, then I started seeing it on a few nodes, and now I am seeing dozens of these messages.

In a related note, I had my first real failure in Core a week ago that was possibly related to this. Z2M just stopped working altogether until I adding “version: 5” to the mqtt section of the configuration.yaml file. This was not after an update of any kind though, perhaps a week after the last update.

What does your Zigee2Mqtt console show, is “retain” ticked like in this example?

Of course, that is the UI reflection of the retain flag in the YAML configuration file. It really feels like this setting is doing nothing in my case.

I did at least figure out why it was triggering warnings in Node-RED: while I did not have “Send message on startup”, I did have “send only if changed” for some nodes, which relies on the broken retain function as far as I can tell.

Still no idea what is the underlying problem though.

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Understood, will need @april.brandt to weigh in on this one then given she has a running setup of CORE.

What node is returning this error? is there a specific one that you can point me to? I’ll see if I can recreate the issue. Which version of the z2m node are you running?

I know that this caused a weird issue like that. Check it even if you don’t need it.

You could also compare these settings there is another legacy there.

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