Water Shut Off

I’ve had my eye on automating my water shut off valve for quite some time. The valve we have on there now is very difficult to turn and I’ll likely need to have it replaced to do so.

This leads me to two questions:

  1. How do they replace those valves? Is there a special tool for this. Like … it’s your shutoff. How do you shut off water to the shutoff. At the street??

  2. What are others using for automated shutoffs? Brand. What do you like about yours?

You might be able to use a Freezer .

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I’ve always wondered about how this can be done!


I have no complaints. I cycle it once a month. It was easy to setup. I usually forget about it until I get the notification that it cycled correctly.

I like the Flo by Moen but the price is a bit steep. Luckily I can’t seem to find it here so my money is safe for now :slight_smile:

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Don’t know how it’s done elsewhere in the world, but here in New Zealand there is a water valve at the property boundary which also serves as a demarcation point between what is my responsibility and what is the council’s. The valve and everything street side of the valve is council, anything after the valve is me.

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It’s that way here as well, but in the dead of winter that’s not an option as there’s about 3 feet of snow over them. So, I was hoping this could be done from the inside. I’ll have to discuss with my plumber on ways to do this.

Not to derail the thread, but which sensors are you using to detect a leak? I have two aqara but I am getting annoyed by the battery changes since they are in location that are not easy to access. Any recommendations for reliable once with either main power or bigger (AAA, etc) batteries? Next step would be for me also to add a valve that can react to a leak…

I have the smart things water sensors. They show dead batteries but it’s that bug. They’ve been running on “empty” for 6 months or better. I was considering the Aqara ones. No Bueno on those? Do they read dead? Or do they actually fall off the network dead?

Just these coin cell batteries that are kind of annoying. They are solid otherwise. Battery lasts around a year so far.

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