Video? Where?

We noticed that the play button in our video was getting missed. We’ve corrected this. If you haven’t seen the video on the campaign page diving a bit deeper into CORE, we’d love it if you’d consider taking 2m49s to check it out.
Again, thank you for all of your support!


I saw the videos, all of them. Core is really next level, and absolutely outshines ALL the others. I think someone already mentioned this, but we need to get the Core in hands of YT &/or reddit, facebook HA enthusiasts, with a wide reach. I’ve been checking the campaign page, and the numbers make me concerned, or rather the lack of progression, since I signed up 3 weeks ago. Maybe even consider sponsoring a spot on a YT channel with millions of subscribers, not even necessarily a HA channel, but something related with a wide reach.


I’m no marketing campaign expert, just a developer, but personally I would think it’s a little far off to be trying to garner interest just yet from the YT crowd. I certainly think it is a good idea, don’t get me wrong, my only question is the timing.

Free or cheap publicity from those with a solid social media following is entirely worth pursuing, but with an October target, May / June is probably a stretch to be trying to drum up enthusiasm from the general public just yet… Come September / October when the product is more fully developed and fine-tuned, and everything else is in place, then definitely, send a dozen or more to anyone who is interested and able to spend the time to properly assess a platform as feature rich as CORE is.

That’s OK but the campaign closes in 40 days so they don’t have the luxury of delaying…

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Fair point, I hadn’t checked the timing of the campaign.

Good point, none the less. We need to make sure this project makes it, as there’s nothing even close to it.

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Get posting!

I love you guys. Never stop being who you are. Never.


I think this point is being lost on people who aren’t coming from an existing install.

Just looked at the funding page again and it now seems to me this looks like a device aimed at reasonably experienced HA users, not something the average person can wrap their minds around. The language (while accurate) uses a fair amount of tech speak.

I think most people just really want to know is this easy to set up and program and what devices will work out of the box without having to faff around with looking for drivers.

Plus there’s still not a peep from any tech sites. This must be one of the best kept secrets in the HA world!!


I think this is dead on. Almost everything on the Indiegogo page feels targeted on hardcore HA hobbyists. Collective Core is defined almost entirely around what sets it apart form other hubs. A lot of those distinctives will be meaningless to casual HA folks or newcomers to home automation.

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I’m working on that. It takes time. Next day or so.