Vacuum Cleaners

Was wondering if anyone has successfully set up a mapping vacuum cleaner with offline (extracted) maps, like on Home Assistant with xiaomi roborocks. Preferably without having to set up an instance of HA just for this. I already have homebridge/node red etc but haven’t found anything that can use extracted maps for room cleaning (so I can keep the vacs from phoning home all the time.)

Sorry for the delay. Yes this can be done there are open source projects but they need to be for specific models and even then there are issues with firmware versions, country location etc etc. We have not found anything good enough to include with the CORE, you can add third party code but they are just not good enough.

No worries. I might look at some of the home assistant integrations and work from there. At the end of the day it really only is roborock or viomi for us in Oz if you want full mapping capability.

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