User Integrations Walkthrough Documented

Just finished up documenting User Integrations. Have a look at it.

Learn How To Integrate


Hi @april.brandt, thanks for the documentation. :slight_smile:

Just to prove I have read it, there are some typo’s I have spotted (search for the following):

  • integrattion → integration
  • captials → capitals
  • The left hand side is where the CORE file system is where the path is → The left hand side is where the CORE file system path is :grey_question:

The documentation describes in a very clear and detailed manner how to do an Integration. I think it would be useful (at least for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) to have a starting paragraph in the introduction to explain what an Integration is and why one would want to do one. :slight_smile:

Hope the above helps? :slight_smile:


I think I was staring at it too long. In my defense.
What I see vs what you see:

After working on it for an entire day. Things tend to blur together. Thanks for pointing that out.
Appreciation comes from the grammar police chief.

Hope you become the integration expert.

Introduction added

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I knew there was another one, sorry :flushed: :

  • priveleges → privileges

Still a great piece of high-quality documention. :grinning:

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Now I’ll need to add new ones. It’s the only thing that tells me that someone actually read it.


I feel like I have seen these instruction somewhere before!

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BTW: in the docs links to Podman and to Containers return the same page.

Yah, it’s because it’s not accurate enough to put out there yet. Too many things changing, but it’s on my list to get taken care of.