Universal remote

Could we have a Harmony replacement in the works? :crossed_fingers:

If nothing else, least my dreams of being a “sofa-majorette” will be fulfilled. :rofl:

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Meh. No number keypad. It appears that device control is only via IR or BT. WiFi appears to be only for hub connection to network. Not clear the communication protocol between the remote and hub At least it appears to be inexpensive.

One of the few things I like about my Control4 system is the AV remote. This one won’t be replacing it. Maybe Thread/Matter will make things better in the future.

That looks interesting and it appears that they do support “wireless connection”, so wifi?, according to their faq.

I hope they provide an open API so a hub could coordinate what to do with the individual buttons should the user want that.

I like the design though, particularly the scrollwheel because while touch interfaces are easy, they get dirty easily and if the harmony is anything to go by, they are super laggy with devices like these. I would love to see it get a charging mount and a remote finder feature.

Edit: It does have a remote finder function.

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I see why you say that. Their Kickstarter page is not clear at best, sloppy at worst. It would seem silly not to have IP control.

I wish there were more options out there for remotes.


Anyone decide to back this project? If so what are your reasons?

This looks like a relatively new addition and sounds promising since linking into other API’s via a hub IMO is actually preferable.

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Hopefully someone smarter than I will make a NR integration for it. I like the idea of other things reacting when using the remote.

I know the “automation not control” crew will crucify me for such talk, but as a professed control freak I say bring on my wand!! :mage:

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