UI Problems since SYS|Dash update

Before I lay out the problems, the one long ago change I made that might have some bearing is the redirect to hostname versus IP after SSO authentication. I can’t remember where it was recommended to change it (forum search is failing me) but I do see it reflected in /etc/authelia/config-generated.yml

default_redirection_url: https://ccore/

I figured it would be in /etc/authelia/config-override.yml but not that I can see

based on that I’m using Chrome and my DNS name: ccore (as the IP is redirected to ccore)

https://ccore/simple redirects https://ccore/sysapi/statuspage/.service showing just an empty page with a short scroll bar

https://ccore/pods/direct/node-red-3/ works fine but the other two direct URLs don’t

https://ccore/pods/direct/z2m/ now redirects to https://ccore/sysapi/statuspage/podman-z2m.service

https://ccore/pods/direct/zwave-js-ui/ to https://ccore/sysapi/statuspage/podman-zwave-js-ui.service

In the hopes that it is something simple, I’m not making any changes that could make things worse until markus (or team) say so. I’m willing to revert the hostname redirect change for troubleshooting but again want to do it from a proper controlled method that is recommended

Redirecting to a hostname instead of an IP is perfectly fine, I run it that way as well.
Those direct URLs should be working without any issues, try the restart button on that status page and then try the direct URL again or click the tile on SYS|Dash.
If that still doesn’t work, please provide a screenshot of that status page.

Using the restart button worked.

Rebooted the system again just to make sure everything works and after 15 minutes uptime, other redirects work but z2m still redirects to the status page (all backend services are fine). The restart button brings it back to life.

For now, I’ll just remember to restart those UI services after any reboot.

/simple still just redirects to the blank page of /sysapi/statuspage/.service

At least now you would be getting indicators showing it’s not online. That it doesn’t come back is a bit odd and should be investigated.
It is also possible to automate a restart if it is offline, this can be done through MQTT in the API, there’s not yet any documentation for this though…

It was deprecated but wasn’t supposed to uninstall from any system which already had it. After tomorrow there should be no need for it though, SYS|Dash is meant to replace simple.


@jeffml The firefox issue should be fixed and the update has been pushed, except the zoom feature since that is not supported by firefox.

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Possible a new bug in the dash on version 1.2-85.

After re-arranging the icons on the dashboard, any time I refresh things go right back to default?

So after playing with the setting a bit things look like they are saving now, kind of wierd. I was waiting at least 5 seconds earlier so Im not sure why it wasnt taking at first, but it seems to be saving the setting now.

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Could have been an open window with an older version of the browser side of things still running, Ctrl-F5 in your browser may be needed after updates.

Yah, when Markus had me test it, my stuff was going away too and then he explained the same to me. A weird refresh thing which is a browser limitation. At first I was like, oh heck no. :rofl:
Then he explained it to me. I’m happy that you got it to work.