Tuya Siren driver issue

I am having an issue with the Zigbee - Tuya Siren driver. I have a new Neo Tuya Siren and many posts on Hubitat point to this driver as the one that would work but I cannot get it to work. The model is a TS0601, it pairs to Hubitat just fine, I select this driver, Initialize, Configure multiple times but it just won’t work still. I have unpaired and paired again many times but same result. The manufacturer of this device is “_TZE200_t1blo2bj” but I’m not sure that has anything to do with my issue. Logs are not giving errors but this is all I am getting for the Current States:

  • alarm : both
  • driver : v1.0.1.1123
  • notPresentCounter : 1
  • presence : not present
  • restoredCounter : 0

And State Variables:

  • comment : Works with the Tuya Alarm.

None of the buttons do anything really, except the initialize, configure, and refresh buttons. Anybody have any ideas?


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having troubles with the driver. Unfortunately, Markus is no longer able to support the drivers connected to Hubitat because we have been banned from being able to update our hubs. Have you posted anything in the Hubitat community about this?

Ah…Ok. Yeah, nothing on the Hubitat end thus far. Thanks!