Turned off my HE and old Odroid NR

All of my devices and summer automations are up and (mostly) running! Now onto my winter and data automations. Oh, and fixing my konnected snafu that I created… be nice to USB connectors…

Woo Hoo!


You beat me to it by 2 hours! Just finished decommissioning one of my two HE C7s. The other one has been stripped of apps and devices, and now just has my Zooz Zen16 and a couple of tilt sensors piped in via MQTT so I can continue running the garage door dashboard for the family until I have a replacement. No devices on either hub. 1st one is wiped and ready for resale. Anyone want to buy a used HE C7?


I have all the manual control of my blinds being done via my development Core hub, using IKEA Zigbee On/Off switches, Bond bridge in HA and a very simple Node Red flow.

I will eventually migrate these to what will be my production Core, but was happy to decommission my Conbee2 stick setup on one of my rpi’s, it was problematic to start back up whenever I needed to or was forced to restart the rpi.


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