Troubleshooting z2m/Iris issues

This is the place for information/investigation messages regarding z2m and Iris V2 motion sensor issues. I know it’s out of the norm to stay on topic in Discourse boards but let’s try anyway, OK? :wink:

I think a good place to start is for each of us that have Iris V2 motion sensors paired/joined with z2m to document our system specifics. This needs to include as many users as possible whether you are having problems or not so please take a few minutes to post what ya got.

My setup is z2m running on Arch Linux on a regular PC desktop box. I had 7 of the Iris sensors in this mesh. The controller is a


and the version numbers are


My problems have not changed through more than a handful of z2m versions and at least 2 coordinator versions. The only possible exception that I recall would be the early CORE version of z2m which was something like 0.6.3 and I just don’t remember if I had these problems then or not.

I may be overlooking some piece of important information about my setup so please add anything you feel is important to your post and I’ll edit this one to include it also.

Here’s hoping we can get this figured out soon!


26 iris devices, I had batteries run out when I first moved, but they were already really old. I will keep an eye out.

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