Tip - how to save 30% while buying Yale locks

credit to @aaiyar since I stole most everything below from him. I just got off the phone with Yale tech support because my Z-Wave lock failed (motor issue). They gave me a code for 30%, off which brought my new ZIGBEE! lock down to $152.

If you’re looking to buy Yale locks, it can be substantially (20-30%) cheaper if you purchase them through shopyalehome.com , and you do the following:

Call their support phone number 855-213-5841, and request a discount code from the support person you speak to (there’s a couple menus to jump through). Codes are good for 24 hours, and when buying a couple locks ($400-450), that’s a decent chunk of dough saved.

Update: If you have an existing lock that is not working correctly, but out of warranty you can ask for the 30% “hardware replacement” code. Either way don’t buy Yale without calling them 1st.


Good to know, thanks for the info…

I have a zigbee yale lock and although its doing great its getting up there in age… now the replacement/upgrade wont hurt my wallet so much. :slight_smile:

I was told if it has a “translucent red” (or in my z-wave case green) plug in module, it was “obsolete”. The new, currently supported modules are solid colors. The module was only $50, but if it aint broke…


I hope Yale makes it so we can upgrade our Z-wave 500 module to their new Z-wave 700 module.

They are good to work with, so if it’s possible (same size, commands etc.) my guess is yes. Give their support team a call and report what they say. We be interested in the results.

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