This sucks!

Sitting here working on development things with Markus this morning, I realize that this really sucks.
There’s nothing that I have to do with my CORE to keep things running. It just works. Just development and documentation.
Oh, I ran updates today to the latest z2m and Z-Wave JS UI.
I do need to figure out some new automations for mode and my new bed sensor concept, but overall, there’s not much maintenance for me to do for personal stuff. Is this a good thing?
What are you working on? Anything we you can talk about? There’s GOT to be something. Other than things we’re currently developing or things that are on a path to development,
what’s happening today?


Fortunately for me I am a set it and forget it kind of guy. So the fact that everything i setup just works is a major win for me. Granted my test setup is rather limited at this time as we wait to move. Looking forward to getting everything setup that is just sitting around in boxes. A top priority for me is going to be finding reliable robust exterior lighting that I am capable of installing without a lot of soldering lol.

It really seems the sky is the limit for CORE. Looking forward to seeing more units in the wild, and the benefits of this growing communities has users with different skill sets and experience join the fray.


Me too!!!

All I’m doing now is tidying up my NR flows by using Global Variables and links in and out.
I must start using the comment box more.
I have one flow that when I looked at it I couldn’t understand what I was trying to do. It was completely pointless. My only thought is that it was in the early stages of my NR learning and it probably made sense at the time!! :smiley:

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Looking forward to reaching this point @april.brandt , but I’m currently still struggling with learning how to best use NodeRED.

Even though I’ve set only less than 10 flows, all of them seem to work as expected and my automations never missed a beat, so it’s blatantly obvious that once it’s correctly set, it’s a set and forget affair and everything just works. Not bad at all for a first gen WIP home automation solution.

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I’m working on integrating my external blinds, but am kinda feeling the same.

My blinds are Somfy, coupled with a Bond hub, and they’re working well, just tweaking the times/windspeed/sun angle/sleep patterns (phone face down, charging thru power cord means sleeping) etc.

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I am working on a Central Heating management system using NR3 for my new Shelly TRVs.

I am not pursuing much else as I am waiting for the integrated dashboard to arrive. Having a dashboard is essential for how I like using and visualising an HA system.

I also need the capability to easily create virtual devices without having to expend a lot of effort with workarounds in their absence.

I am still running 2 x HE for Zigbee. I have migrated my Ring Keypads to Core and have therefore switched off Z-Wave on the HEs. All the rest of my Z-Wave is running on Indigo. So at some point I will work through the Zigbee modules on HE and migrate them to Core which will then feed their info through to Indigo.


I can give you some one on one time if you’d like @cesarvog . When it works for you. Let me know. No trouble.

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Is that pure Core or going to Indigo as I need to move away from the Evohome TRV’s as they are showing their age and the Indigo plugin is not getting an upgrade to Python3 (mind you I have just cancelled my yearly sub to Indigo as I move more to Zigbee I don’t need Zwave definition updates)

I turned off my HE 2 days ago (thanks for your Hubitat Indigo plugin, and even more thanks for the new Core Indigo plugin). Are you staying with Indigo or moving to Core and NodeRed?

I’ve found Markus quite easy to work with… I don’t know what you mean…

Ah, I see, it’s nothing personal ( Of course I knew that… :slight_smile: )

For me a UI and built-in smarts is a big thing… which I may have hinted at before in our chats… So I am keen to see what will be on offer from Core in both of these spaces.

While I can understand others enthusiasm to migrate to NR, alongside the expertly chosen tech-stack of the Core hub… While I have dabbled in NR flows with my IKEA on/off switches and my Home Assistant linked Bond bridge blinds, I have maintained a healthy reluctance to NR for things like lighting and other fundamentals… not due to any aversion to the Core platform, more so that I value an interface that is tailored to the task at hand in these situations, so am keen to see the offering from the Core team. Let’s call it an interesting project… That I’m sure you are working on… :wink:

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The Central Heating is pure Core using NR3 (if I can make it work) with Indigo as a backup. I am awaiting a delivery of more Shelly TRVs, which should hopefully arrive shortly.

I have far too much invested in Indigo at the moment plus I anticipate some good things being on the way. I also have more faith in using an Apple Mac to run my critical Home Automation. I think there is a risk with using Core full-time at the moment in that if it breaks then you can’t currently get a replacement. That’s why I have two HEs in play. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, @april.brandt . I really appreciate the offer.

To avoid ruining your Sunday with less than optimal times, what is your timezone? so we can figure out the time difference between us.

I’m on BST (Brazil East Standard Time, which equals UTC-3), As an example, New York City is 2 hours behind me and San Francisco is 5 hours behind me.


Perhaps to put things into some perspective, as least from my point of view… There’s a certain level of conversation that can come from adulation for the platform… then a certain amount of chatter from new ideas… But there comes a point where a level of conversation is generated from the content “you” develop… i.e. from content developed by those responsible for the platform…

So treat silence at this point as a good thing. You have a solid (albeit boring) base to build on.
Once you unveil the next stage, that is where “stuff” will get real… at least for me… And I will have some deep and meaningful decisions to make… Take your time :wink:


@cesarvog I am 3 hours behind you. And I’m usually at my computer when I’m not away from home. Unless it’s a mealtime. I don’t miss them.

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Hi @april.brandt ,

Thanks for your reply. Sunday here was consumed by family activities. I could not really dedicate much time to the ins and outs of NodeRED.

I have found out that most of my difficulties in NodeRED fall into the following situations:

a) I don’t know which Node to use to achieve desired results, so I have to dig through several different node candidates (and it’s corresponding, sometimes very arid documentation)
b) I find a node that seem capable of providing needed resources, but stumble filling out node available properties / data, or syntax (I do have old eyes and sometimes it’s difficult to find missing opening/closing curly signs, or commas, in a long JSON statement) ;
c) Function logic. Since I’m no programmer and, back when I was young, the only logic I was able to learn was procedural logic, not object oriented logic, I often find myself thinking "I could solve this with a While or a for Loop, but I don’t know how to solve this with a function that can only return a msg…

Of course, I have made progress over the last two weeks and now have a few working flows, but it’s been a struggle. It’s not impossible if you dedicate a lot of time and effort trying to figure it out, but it’s much more difficult than creating “rules” in other systems.

I am finding the same problems as you, no programmer here either and trying to find (and understand) what out of the hundreds of different types of nodes does what I need, just glad that @autolog is still Indigo based as that gives the easiest (and IMHO best) ‘rules’ machine and allows python scripting, a case of if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.
Once Core has a front end I may reconsider that but at present it allows me to integrate Zigbee into Indigo as I move away from z-wave.

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@CliveS @cesarvog
I will be available all day Thursday through the following Monday. (Burning some time off before I lose it.) PM me some times that will work for you and we’ll coordinate something.

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