The node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel requires an update to 5.0.22 version

Help! the node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel event node ceased to work suddenly with a status “init with proxy” stucking the whole alexa flow.
Do you have any idea? I even forgot, after some months, exactly how to configure alexa configuration node … :frowning: what a duck
Is it me?


Have you opened a browswer with your ip:3456 and logged in to amazon?

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That is possible only when the node prompt for it in the flow.
Yes I did. After the login nothing happens for a while, that is the node still flashes the above message. At this point if I try again to log in I get the error ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

EDIT It seems a general error occourred, looking at github issues:

Due to the error, the mantainer provided a new version of the contrib (5.0.22).
After the upgrade, the problem was solved

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Sorry was out and couldn’t reply.

Glad you got it all sorted!

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Alexa changes quite often API. As my huge Alexa replacement flow relay on a single node, in any moment It could fail.
This make me unconfortable. The mantainer can decide to give up and let my home automation stucked…
Definitively I need a simple STT device to spread over my house, Just for command input …
I would like to plug It and let It send messages with only two data: device id and the text of the speach following the defined wake Word…