The new Aqara High Precision Motion Sensor (RTCGQ13LM)

Just published a review of the Aqara High Precision Motion Sensor (RTCGQ13LM). Since it’s not available anywhere else, I thought it could be fun to get a developers perspective on it. I’ve had the device for a few weeks, just not had the time to finish this article. I provided the information and @april.brandt made it nice!

The review is here:


Does anything in the overall Aqara system, like the Gateway, require Internet access to either setup or operate?

The gateway do require Internet access at the very least for setup. I don’t use it except for testing new devices and looking at the Zigbee traffic so I’ve not tried to disconnect it while in use. It “should” work locally with Apple Homekit, but I’ve yet to test this. Then again, to get Apple Homekit to be 100% local is not really easy (if even possible?).
Most Aqara Zigbee devices work really well (but not for everyone) with a few other Zigbee gateways/hubs/zigbee sticks, so there are definitely options.

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Looks impressive. Hopefully it will be released for the rest of us to purchase, and hopefully the zigbee code can be deciphered to pair it with other hubs.

@markus, as it is a OEM device, why do’nt oh-la labs act as it? If you can build up a reliable driver you could sell it to the HE community same as to the new OL hub…


it seems available on aliexpress at crazy price of 93€…

Love the name… Boday Sensor. I’m saying it in the voice of one of the characters from The Inbetweeners ha ha ha :joy:

Currently “not available” anyway.

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At that price point :astonished:, no thankyou.

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Looks neat! My favorite “sensitive” motion sensors now are the Lutron ones, but they require an RA2 system if you want to integrate them with other systems (as I do) since that’s the minimum you need to get their events exposed over telnet. I’m not sure they exactly detect my fingers moving typing from across the room, but with one close to my desk, it gets me when I’m pretty still working–better than any Zigbee or Z-Wave sensor I’ve used, though many Zigbee ones are quite sensitive too. This one sounds like it also does a good, or possibly even better, job. Hopefully it can be made to work with “standard” ZHA 1.2 or Zigbee 3.0 hubs!

Made me think of this…ha:

We won’t be selling drivers for HE, that’s not our business model. If/when I have the time to decode and figure out what that string of bytes is and how to reproduce it I will write a driver for it if I see people actually buying it. As it is now, I highly doubt anyone would pay the crazy price you found of 93EUR. If Oh-La Labs pick it up for export is another thing, it would probably require firmware changes for me to want that.

It is neat, if you disregard the price!

US only then… :frowning: For all the rest of us that system is not really an option.

I’ve seen some other Zigbee ones that may come close to the same level as this Aqara one, but there’s some other concerns with their design which would need to be changed first.

Yes. I was thinking about you as a device reseller! a fair price for me woould be not more than 60€, considering it fully replace a set of motion sensors for the same purpose and with added sensibility. I’m sure bulk purchase cold lower down the b2b price. (that should be about 40 USD 1pcs afaik )
Thanks for your work. let us updated!

Evidently that’s against the TOS with Hubitat and would require an agreement between OhLaLabs and Hubitat to do so. There is a recent thread in HE community about some guy, code name RBoy, doing it because he already has an agreement with SmartThings to do so.

It is possible to code a open source Driver for HE, isn’t ?
The driver should be free, the device do’nt.
Of course Markus is free to evaluate if it is compliant with Oh-la business.

From my limited understanding, anyone can create drivers for free distribution but as soon as that party tried to sell the app/driver, then they would have to reach an agreement with Hubitat.