Tasmota temperature sensor not updating in Hubitat

I have an attic fan with temperature sensor, flashed with Tasmota. I’ve verified that the tasmota template is correct, and device’s web interface is working correctly.

The reading on the SHT3X Temperature updates continuously, as expected.

In Hubitat I have the device configured using T4HE. The SHT3X temperature sensor was not found initially, but as soon as I added the Universal Multi Sensor device driver, both temperature sensors were detected.

The problem I’m running into: the temperature sensors are not updating in Hubitat. The only way I have found to read the current temperature in Hubitat is manually Refresh from the SHT3X device page:

Any advice on debugging this would be greatly appreciated.

The part missing is that you’re using a non-modified version of Tasmota. By default Tasmota doesn’t have webhook support (unless that has changed recently?). Without that support there is no way for the Tasmota device to push these updates directly into HE. My fork of Tasmota has not been updated for a very, very long time. Reasons are in this community.
With that said, if you don’t need any of the new features in later Tasmota firmwares, it may still serve you well. Be very careful with downgrading Tasmota firmwares, among other things, make sure to use “reset 5” to clean any incompatible settings away.
Welcome to the community for CORE! Just as a side-note: with CORE, MQTT would have been the communication method to use, and no custom Tasmota firmware would have been needed.
Good luck and hope this works out for you!