Systronics RF

I’m going to raise the question here. Is this platform dead?

I strongly suspect that it has been abandoned. There’s been no visible development on it since January 2020 and responses to support requests became hit-and-miss some time before that. A quick search on Companies House for ‘systronics’ shows that the company was dissolved back in October 2019, but there’s been no official word and the web service and forum remain up with a few puzzled posts.

They were pretty strongly targeting the ex-Iris customer in the US to begin with, so I wonder if any folk from here have had dealings with them? During summer last year I found them to be very responsive and spoke on the phone a couple of times during beta testing. I guess it just never found the traction it needed.

Oh, I think I may have upset somebody, which was definitely not my intention.

My response on their forum to other users asking about this was swiftly deleted, while a message from another user saying “Consider your money lost. I’ve given up.” remains! :cry:

I feel like they pulled a Hubitat on me! :rofl:

Seriously though, I’d love to see that platform continue. It has some cool routing features I’ve not seen elsewhere, particularly where you could manually determine the path a Zigbee device would take back to the hub. No idea how they did that; I’ve been told many times it’s impossible, but it appeared to work.


I am sad that they deleted your post. I caught your link to here before they deleted your post. I really like SystronicsRF features and all. I too am worried about them going forward. I wonder why they took your post down. What do you think prompted them to take your post down?

It would just be conjecture on my part, I can’t speak for the guys at SRF. Clearly someone didn’t feel it was appropriate for their forum.

Send me a PM. I believe that I have that feature turned on properly here in this forum.
I have plenty to say.

I spent 6 months on the platform. It was doing well until in my opinion, until they went down a rabbit hole with Iris cameras. After that didn’t here anything from them. What they did well was getting all iris v1 devices working. I would love to have the grovie driver for the v1 keypads.

Yes, they got those keypads going, I forgot about that!