SYS|Dash display problem on iPad

Have just updated… window size problem.

Running on my iPad.

Ok, I’ll have to see why that is, don’t have an iPad here and even at the same resolution settings I can’t make it behave like yours does.
Normally it breaks dynamically like this:

@nutcracker I’ve pushed a new update, run oll-update-init again and hard refresh on your ipad and see if this fixes it. If not, I will have to add additional automatic CSS-patching to handle Safari better, but that won’t be today.

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Have performed the update, killed off Chrome and relaunched in an incognito window.

(iPad Pro (11-inch) (2nd generation))

Does a similar thing with Safari on the iPad.

Thank you for testing, I’ll see about sorting this out during the week. If I don’t remember wrong the engine is the same for both Chrome and Safari in iOS.

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