SwitchBot is Making Moves

Has anyone else noticed that SwitchBot is releasing new products like every other month recently? I always love the competition, but boy do I dislike their platform and I wonder why other people like them so much.

I tried their gen 1 curtain motors and they were loud and unresponsive. They were the ONLY retrofit option out there at the time, but since then I have moved over to zemismart’s zigbee option and have never looked back.

How are other people’s experiences with the company? My main issue is their choice of communication protocol, high price, and extremely odd update model.

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They’ve caught my eye a time or two, but never very seriously. I’ll go check them out.

I really wish that there were some good options for window treatment. I’ve been browsing for years, but it’s one area that’s lacking. I’ve looked at switchbot before. I’m not all that impressed yet.

I came to the same conclusion, but apparently we are the minority because you take a look at their website or on YouTube and you would think they are releasing great product after great product.

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They have a great marketting team. What throws me off are the “youtube influencers” that talk them up so much. Must be getting paid.


Yeah it’s a bit disconcerting, it feels kind of like how tech YouTubers all release their iphone, GPUs, or CPUs reviews at the exact same time. The difference is those have massive demand which generally come with embargo dates. So with the absence of demand this really only happens with a sponsored content marketing campaign.

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