Supported Z-Wave Devices

As mentioned in the campaign, we use the Z-Wave JS library.
I could say more, but I can’t think of anything. So … here it is.

Oh wait … Alfred locks are under Shenzhen Kaadas Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
And Schlage is under … Schlage … oh yeah … It works perfectly on CORE. They both do.


At first I was “shocked” when I didn’t see Danalock in the list, but then I did a search and found it under Poly-control. :slight_smile:

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Do we currently know how the Z-Wave device ‘driver’ interface will work? The Z-Wave JS Library is a very interesting concept, and I’ve poked around over there a bit. However, it appears that some of my current devices do not yet have all of their features documented/implemented.

I think my exact question is something like: Will we have to edit/add/modify/contribute on the global JS library, or will we have the opportunity to save any mods to our local COREs?