Supported WiFi Devices

Continuing the discussion from Supported Zigbee Devices:

There is not yet a complete list, with that said Shelly WILL be supported. So will Tasmota-based devices and a lot of other WiFi devices. A list is being compiled and will be published once completed.


Hi Markus… Will the new hub use coap (shelly) so the device state always is right? so it works better than with Hubitat? I have a Hubitat with a lot of shellys /Mattias :sweden:

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Will Tp-link’s Kasa devices be supported? E.g. their smart plugs. Can’t remember if I asked this already…

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Definitely. We’re specifically supporting Shelly.

The Shelly integration is using CoAP for most things (+ some http calls for mostly initial setup on some devices). Expect device state to be always up-to-date. If it’s not, there’s a bug we’d have to squash. It is the recommended route of integration after all.
We already have many different Shelly devices and will add all types of Shelly devices as part of our testing environment as time moves along.

For TP-Link Kasa devices there’s a library which could be used, either by us or by a 3rd party developer: tplink-lightbulb - npm

It would probably only take a few hours to add it, if even that. This is the answer to many of these specific questions about WiFi device support. Yes, CORE is new, but there’s a lot of 3rd party code which will easily run on it. is a good place to search.
While we would love to have it all added by launch, some things may do even better as a 3rd party integration. A big part of our focus is making it easy to add such 3rd party integrations using existing libraries.


I think this has me more excited than anything. The amount of projects available is immense. I am curious to see hiw the base core os interacts with them.

Any chance you are ready to share a simple example of what device code for something like a switch would look like?


We’re still actively working on making this easier, this is an iterative process. First it needs to be made more user-friendly for developers with less experience.


Will Broadlink remotes be supported? Or any IR/RF controller? Thanks

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I have not seen the broadlink devices mentioned directly. I however have always used node red to control mine. So with the native node red integration we should at least be able to go that route.

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+1 for broadlink support

Since Harmony is phasing out their remotes. (Which I’m sad about) We did have a discussion about just that. But, no decisions have been made at this point. We have a long list to cover. Given it can be controlled via Node-RED, it might not be something we directly integrate out of the box, but perhaps after in an update. But it also matters how extensive the integration is. I know that there are some other things that will take priority, like thermostats and ecosystems of the like. Everything will happen in an order, but we will do our best to address devices as we move through things.

Don’t forget that if it’s not directly supported (LE, NR, etc), you can still keep devices connected and integrated using you other HUB as a controller until such time. In the long haul, it makes it less painful to move. It’s on your time. So you can do it right.