Sound Sensors?

As the title suggest. I am after a device that can monitor decibel level and trigger an automation if it exceeds a threshold.

I asked in the other place but then I thought core might easily lend itself to such a thing.

@april.brandt @markus or anyone else any thoughts?

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Hadn’t thought of that. I use my cameras for that. A diy solution might be in ESPHome projects. I’ll have to look after shopping today. Maybe @markus can offer something after he wakes.

Something like this?

(2) My Smart Wifi Sound Level and Noise Detector - YouTube

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Yes I believe something like that might do nicely. He said mqtt so could be nice. Wifi works for me. I find my wifi devices to be the most stable part of my home automation despite seeing many opinion that they are bad.

As simple as it is I don’t know if I’d be able to put it together… Lol

Very much looking forward to CORE.


Did any of you see this?

SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch - All-in-One Control Center on HMI Panel (

Looks a nice piece of kit!

That actually looks amazing and it runs ESPhome :slight_smile: