Somfy motors and Blinds


Elsewhere, we chatted about Somfy motors and home automation. I’ve finally got some Somfy motors and am getting some more real soon. Quoted today for external roller shutters.

Please just confirm for me that I dont need the Somfy wifi connect. I’m pretty sure I dont, as I’ll be using the Bond Bridge which should do them all, since they all receive RF signals. Am I correct in my understanding. (if so, home automation for the win, cheaper this way by about $1000, 3 premium motors not required ($250 each) nor the bridge ($300))

I have not as yet bought the Bond Bridge, and am kicking myself. camelcamelcamel says I missed out by 1 day on the cheapest price. Should have had a website scraper for it!

As long as they are Somfy RTS motors, you’ll only need the Bond bridge


Yep, plus one for the Bond Bridge, that should give you what you need. And you can easily integrate it with Core :slight_smile:

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Yep as the others confirmed Bond does it fine, and even other brands now too. It’s a great device :+1:


Your friendly DIY pusher here… You can automate just about any type of window blind or shade using less than $10 in parts and about 10 mins per window. a 3d printer or pen will make creating an adapter alot easier, but you could even use something like clay to hand mold an adapter, or even just a bit of super glue depending on the blind type.

I actually just did this about 2 months ago… Now all 19 windows in my home (including the from and back doors) have automated blinds. Open and close based on position of the sun and time of the year, and granny can even use the voice assistant to open and close her blinds anytime she wants.

Total cost including the blinds to do my entire house… Under $300.


That’s more my price range. :slight_smile:
Any links please?

Sorry I’ve been lost in holiday lighting land, I didn’t follow any guide when I did mine, I was actually designing a smart fish feeder when i realized how simple blinds would be. Come to think of it I never did finish the fish feeder :rofl:

You should be able to find some good articles/blogs/walkthroughs with a google of “diy smart blinds” or “diy motorized blinds” or “esphome smart blinds”.

Alternatively if you can wait a few days I’d be happy to take one of my blind down get some pictures, and do a quick tutorial with code. If I haven’t posted anything by sunday then @april.brandt please remind during our rush hour chat monday to take a 5 minute break and whip something up


No need to apologise…

OK, maybe you have some apologies to make… Just not to us…

Just don’t put the blinds down during this time… :wink:

Any sort of general direction to take is helpful when looking at something with soooo many conceptual interpretations out there.

Hmmm, electric motor, wonder where my old RC10 is at? :smile:

It really depends on numerous factors, from the blind you prefer, the method they use to actually open and close, what range of motion you want, if you want a manual trigger attached, if you need them to still be open and closed in the traditional method, etc etc.

the most generic supplies list would look something like

An ESP board (8266 is plenty for this)
a servo or other small controllable motor
super glue or other method to affix motor inside of blinds
3d pen or clay to create an adapter between motor and blind mechanic (usually a rod)
a limit switch or other method to control motor range if not using a limited range servo
some wire.
usb or other 5v power supply
rechargeable battery
protected charging circuit
solar panel

I still plan to do a basic tutorial in the next couple days, right now i don’t have the available space or time

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Would anyone care to share flows/yaml for calculation of shading? Or simply what nodes/integrations to use?

I’ve got the somfy shades setup in homeassistant - great! Thanks for the tips.

What flows are best for shading?

If your after-sun position, then @markus can probably way in here as he will be doing this for his lighting. It’s not something I am doing atm, just time of day. Mine isn’t that fancy as we mainly use it from the dashboard as needed or built into other automations like robovac heads out open blinds that drop to floor to get out of its way :slight_smile:

Btw, don’t forget you can also configure the Somfy my position for use as well that is very handy if you have full drop blinds and only need them down half-way at times.


I’m using this node to calculate my circadian lighting CT level:
sun position · rdmtc/node-red-contrib-sun-position Wiki (

and there’s a companion node I’ve not used which may be of interest:
alisdairjsmyth/node-red-contrib-blindcontroller: node-RED node that determines blind position based on the position of the sun and climatic conditions (