Someone has to ask it

All right, I understand that you don’t want/can give a date, nor a real roadmap, but can we at least ask what can we expect in the next step? UI? dashboard? or what else?


The new dashboard will be released this weekend. This is part of sysapi.

  • System monitoring,
  • Service control (stopping and restarting)
  • User integrations.
  • The API is accessible over MQTT, WebSocket and http (webhooks)
  • The API can do anything the Dashboard can do + much more
  • Logs visible in the browser.


We will work in update information. We anticipate this to mature quickly.

Here is a shot of it without proper Icons. We’re still sorting them out.

Just a taste.


Wow. I did’nt expect such an answer. I Just tried. :laughing:

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Probably this time tomorrow we’ll be ready to release this. Part one.
It’s not the whole package, but it’s a start.


It’s looking pretty nice! Are we likely to see the native device manager/automation engine anytime soon though?

It’s what we’re working towards.


I was going to ask the same thing. Even though I’m enjoying all the tinkering related to nodeRED, z2m and zwave-js-ui, I don’t see Core gaining traction without a proper rules based automation engine. Don’t get me wrong, I like what I see so far, but at the same time I know most people have other things to do besides working out nodes, objects, topics, payloads, javascript functions (finding the correct syntax) and the like.


Another question, will python be able to integrate with core.

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Python3 is available on CORE, in fact some parts of internal CORE features are written in Python, such as oll-integration. Other things are written in TypeScript and JavaScript such as CORE SysAPI.

Have you (or anyone?) taken a stab at using Multi-System Reactor as your logic engine? It interfaces with Node-RED, HA and other bridges and hubs, so presumably could be shoe-horned into your flow.

MSR is easily my favorite rules engine, and it’s easy to setup/maintain as a Dockerized container running on my Synology NAS… though I currently do all of my rule-building elsewhere.

I see it being a good fit for Core users.


May we expect some Xmas gift? :grin:


Yes… just been some delays…


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