Some adjacent ZWave / Zigbee adaptors wont fit

So having bought a recommended Sonoff ZigBee 3 Plus USB adaptor and my Zooz S2 Stick 700 in preparation for todays arrival I now find that they won’t fit into the Core USB ports due to the spacing being too close. The casings of the devices are too large.

Looks like I’ll have to either swap one of the devices (now out of their return window) or attach via a USB extender cable which is not too bad an option as it will mitigate any RF interference issues on the USB3 port. On HomeAssistant I had to do this to even get the USB adaptor recognised and working.


I think that you are right, this could be a good read: Improve network range and stability | Zigbee2MQTT


This is actually best practice for using any form of radio over USB due to potential interference issues and I recommend everyone using a USB extension cable/HUB for their radios!

@april.brandt we should probably add a note into the Docs stating radios should be used with an extension cable/USB hub on the 2.0 port to eliminate any future concerns over interference.


Well shucks. Amazon here I come…

Edit. Is there any type of cable that can also increase signal?


You just want a normal extension cable, nothing special. Decent quality with proper shielding (which all USB cables should have).


No, there are active USB cables which are needed for extending USB 2.0 beyond 5m (16 feet) I think it is. In terms of power, what is more important is to have a good repeater not too far away and keep transmit and receive signal balanced in terms of power. Our stick supports the highest possible output power, but that is not necessarily the best setting :stuck_out_tongue:

A powered USB 2.0 hub and/or a few feet USB extension cable is absolutely a good thing. With a USB hub the device path changes so the config needs to be updated.