[Solved] Gift help in Canton MI, or Orlando FL

Looking to buy my wife this “Limited Edition” Ikea frame cover for a Symfonisk wall speaker. Unfortunately it is only available in IKEA of MI/Orlando (not sure why they won’t ship it). If anyone is in those area’s, and willing to pick up/ship it to VA, I’d be happy to compensate for time and trouble.

Thanks for considering!

That’s a nice gift. I do hope someone can help you.

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Its available in Canada to ship, not sure if there is cross border services or if they ship to the us even? Ikea.ca

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Thanks for the thought, but I did try that as well.

Even from the two US stores, they will not ship it. Something to do with “Limited Edition” and low stock, from what I found. :man_shrugging: Also checked Ebay and other places for used ones, nothing.

I am in Orlando, for a couple more days this week. I can go check it out tomorrow. PM me and we can make this happen.


Big shoot out to @Jdorman for the assist! Very awesome he was able to help make wife happy!!

For those interested here some info on the

SYMFONISK Picture frame;

Comes with a nice long 11.5’ braided power cord. The panels have a plastic backing so the hold on VERY well.

Sound wise the are OK, not great, better as “fills” than primary speakers unless only for background music.

The worst part is when mounted horizontal, the volume buttons end up on the top, which is fairly useless since you really can’t reach them. They should have more mounting slits/wire chases, but they do not. All and all it’s a good addition to our whole house Sonos audio system.

They are S2 ONLY, and will not work with the Sonos S1 app. Kinda sticks since I have some units that are not S2 compatible. For now I use iTunes to stream to both S1 and S2, which works fine.


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