[SOLVED] All my flows disappeared

While tinkering with dashboards in nr3 I received a mesage that some changes occourred in the server. Not really knowing what it mean, I merged the changes.
After few minutes the main frame within nr3 turned white, with no possibility to do anything.
I closed the browser. Reopening the browser … all flows were absent except one empty tab “flow1”
I have a flow export of a couple of days ago. Neverthless I would recover the latest versions of the flows. Can I (And how) recover the flows from the backups?

EDIT unfortunately my last flow export is 10 days old. I’ve lost a huge amount of devs.

Unless you have a recent core backup you may be screwed… However you MAY have a chance. Navigate to the node red directory on your core and check the json files especially .flows.json.backup

If your lucky, all your flows still exist in that backup file.

If they still exist in the backup file make a copy of the contents of that file immediately.

then stop node red, copy the contents of the backup file into the main flow.json file and then restart node-red.

Your flows should now be restored :slight_smile:

I have a early morning CORE backup

repository 9b32387d opened successfully, password is correct
snapshots for (host [Collective-Core]):
ID        Time                 Host             Tags         Paths
a90e531a  2022-09-30 04:01:21  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data
ee4f82a9  2022-10-02 04:01:20  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data
ccd9f156  2022-10-09 04:01:20  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data
9213aa77  2022-10-14 04:01:21  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data
6cad7719  2022-10-15 04:01:21  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data
cf8bab7b  2022-10-16 04:01:20  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data
c98147a9  2022-10-17 04:01:20  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data
90f872dc  2022-10-18 04:01:20  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data
d8c4e6fb  2022-10-19 04:01:21  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data
7e62bed6  2022-10-20 04:01:21  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data
[color=#FFA500]7179fdd5  2022-10-21 04:01:21  Collective-Core  v1.8.2.0727  /data[/color]
11 snapshots
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk1p1   30G  2.1G   28G   7% /mnt/sdcard
2.1G    /mnt/sdcard/core-backup

How can I restore my flows?

If your lucky, all your flows still exist in that backup file.

I’m not lucky… :frowning:

I could be not far from solution:

  • stoppend nr3
  • i restored the .flows.json.backup (WONDERFULL!!! RESTORE FEATURE)
  • I renamed the .flows.json.backup to .flows.json , It seems heving true timestamp and dimension
  • restarted NR3

Unfortunately I cannot see my flows, but I know I’m not far from…
Do I have to restore the whole nr directory, overwriting the existing files?

look at the docs, @roberto under backup and recovery. “Restore a file from backup”
Pull your json from this morning.

I already have restored the file @RRodman suggested to. At this point I’m not sure which other files should be restored too.

If your flows are not restored, then you will need to go to the backup and harvest that file. flows.json is the only file you should need, If they’re still blank, then that file that you restored could have already been corrupted. It would be better to pull it from the backup.

One thing, close all of your tabs and make sure that your log in hasn’t timed out in the browser.

Don’t worry. Your stuff is there. You have full backups.

btw: the restore functionality is really good!

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Now, it is better. You are able to back up to nfs now. The release notes didn’t update for some reason.

I restored all files like a charm !!!


Awh …

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