Solar data - meaning and graphing?

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As the topic suggests - I have integrated my solar data into home assistant and now really do not know what much of it means. I will be googling and reading but figured maybe there was some kind soul here who understands it and can break it down to my level - which is I know nothing.

Then once we get there i would like to get the data into a nice graph. I figure I have to connect the data to grafana, this would also be a first for me. So any thoughts and suggestions welcome.

it is just a small 9 panel system - but hey you have to start somewhere. Below are screenshots of the sensors showing in HA.

I’ve a few projects in flight… one I’ve hit a dead end with (see separate thread) but another is exploring the use of modbus hardware to get the data from my Solis inverter. Have purchased some kit to do that but also waiting on another project that is using a custom board to do the same. They have the data appearing inside HA via MQTT.

Within HA, you should be able to set it up via the energy tab on the left. Unfortunately no where near that stage myself to prove or confirm so very interested in how you progress with this.

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First things first, with the data in HA, you should be able to put together a simple graph?

(edit your dashboard, add a card and select statistics graph if I recall).

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There is a Tesla addon in HA if you have a Tesla battery which brings all the data in nicely (solar, usage, battery, import, export etc). Recommend.

Amazingly easy. HA is pretty damn impressive. The more I play and understand the more I like it.


No battery yet - but there will be soon so i will visit this soon.

I notice my consumption and production numbers are exactly the same. I assume this is just saying I am using all the solar I am producing. I have ordered an emporia vue zigbee module for my smart utility meter from SCE. So soon I will have accurate consumption numbers. If it doesn’t work well I will try one of the CT clamp methods.


As a little follow up. I managed to get the energy dashboard up and running accurately.

Next to get the cost tracking working. Its been fun and forced me toblearn a bit more about the guts of HA.


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