I was hoping that the firmware update that I found today on these would make them more versatile. Sonoff has always been so good at making things universal. it’s upsetting that I can’t control the distance on this without purchasing the hub? Anyone else know of a way to change the range on this thing. Medium just isn’t cutting it for my room. Any other place makes it useless.

How about:

Trying to set up SONOFF SNZB-06P timeout - what's the format? · Issue #19771 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub

One of the comments:
“The sensitivity can be configured here. “1” means 2.5m, “2” means 3.5m, “3” means 4m”


You …


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Just gonna … PUT this here



I did change the sensitivity, but it seems like it hasn’t made a difference for me. I’ll try and relocate the sensor to where it’ll reach the necessary areas, but it keeps detecting presence in the basement. So far behind the FP2’s. It’s maddening!

I guess I keep hoping that I will find something for the Core hub too……

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