Smartly no longer working on HE 2.2.9?

Haven’t paid much attention to my dashboards lately, but I have noticed that in later releases of HE software that Smartly doesn’t seem to work anymore. The Smartly icon doesn’t vanish automatically (see pic below), and there’s no paw to allow me to dynamically drag-n-drop. Nothing in the logs for the device, so I don’t know what to do to try getting this problem debugged and fixed. My dashboards haven’t been modified (at all, in any way) for > 6 months, so I’m sure it wasn’t something I did that caused the problem. I see the problem on every single Smartly-enabled dashboard. Anyone else having compatibility issues?


Working on all my dashboards, C-7, 512 GB iPad Pro 10.5 in. with iPad OS 15.1. Admittedly, I rarely look at the dashboards, and my tiles are rather simple.

Interesting… not working on my Chrome or Firefox on my PC, nor on the Chrome browser on my Galaxy S10. Not sure which browser is embedded in the HE app, but Smartly isn’t working for me there, either. Most of my dashboards are very simple with just cosmetic enhancements from Smartly (font size, icon swap).

HE currently running… I noticed the problem back on, but thought it might be a transitory issue. Not sure if it was there in earlier versions of 2.2.9, since my dashboard use is infrequent.

Does Smartly store files on the hub in File Manager?
If so, and you are on, then that could be your problem.
Update to the latest should cure the problem.
In the initial release of 2.2.9 there were some security enhancements that affected FM. They rolled back these changes with the latest update.


Thanks I’ll give it a shot, although I can’t find anything in the release notes relating to changes to the security scheme for FM in the .145 or .146 releases. Seems like any change, even if it’s just rolling back a previous change, should be documented…

Edit: well what do you know… problem is gone with Thanks for the tip, Bob! Still feeling grumpy that the FM security rollback isn’t documented…

Before you do it, have you got hub security enabled. It only affected me when using Hubigraphs with security enabled on the hub.

Yes, I require all my managed devices to have some sort of authentication. Seems odd to me that HE gives people the option to administer a hub with no username/password if they’re on the local subnet.

You can test if this is the issue by removing hub security and then do a reboot. If hub security is causing the issue then this will prove it.
Alternatively, just load .146 and see if this fixes it.

Loaded .146 about 30 seconds after I read your first post. Problem solved.