[smartly] installation error via Hubitat Package Manager (HPM)

We know some users are having trouble installing/upgrading smartly via HPM. In order to narrow down the root cause we’re asking for everyone’s help. Anyone that’s having trouble please post a few details about your environment.

Most importantly we are looking for…

What hub are you using (C4,5,7)?
Do you have security enabled?
What HE firmware are you running?

Anything else you can think of that might help is welcome.

With your help we can figure out why this is happen and resolve it, thanks!

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Hi, no security enabled


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Have enabled security and the error still occurs. As far as im aware my smartly app is upto date and there is no update due, its just telling me that there is.

In reading through the HPM thread it looks like people are having a similar problem with Hubigraphs. From what dman2306 says it seems to be a file manager related issue. Unfortunately still no idea “what” the issue is.