Smart zigbee thermostat actuator

Here I found an interesting zigbee thermostat actuator. Similar to tado at less than half the price. They are strongly present in aliexpress.
Do you think to consider it for a (HE) driver?

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Very nice. I believe if @markus could source one locally he could then support it under his generic zigbee drivers here but I will let him confirm if that’s possible.

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We could contribute to a “new device fund” if @markus set it up


Let me know I’ve bought one but by no means any idea to decode the zigbee packets.

Otherwise If @markus can pro a blank thermostat driver I’m happy to send logs

I can’t edit…
I’ll chip in…
Can provide a blank

Did you already received it? It could take 2 month from China. I could try to check/trap zigbee messages. I’m not highly experienced, but I can slowly get out from it

No its on its way

I’ve passed this information on to Markus. This is very complicated and it may take some time to get to. No immediate guarantees as there are other priorities. But, Markus will be responding this weekend.

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Thanks, I’ve got one on order so probably take a month or so, but happy to contribute to the fund

me too. please @markus, let us know how to!

@roberto and @MarkUK the big issue with this device is that it needs to be installed on something. I know this is fairly standard and back in Sweden this would be no problem. Here in China I can’t find anything this would even fit on. I can find the device and could source it, the problem is that this is a thermostat type of device and I would not be very comfortable not being able to really test it. If a driver is done wrong it could cause damage and potentially even be dangerous. At least it’s not a thermostat that runs a big and complex system, those really need to be 100% perfect.

Wit that said, if we would do this remotely there would be a need to have both a Zigbee sniffer and a Tuya Zigbee gateway. The Tuya Zigbee gateway is for looking at the traffic sent TO the device. Have any of you used a Zigbee sniffer before?

I’m not promising this can be done quickly, but it could be done with complete traffic logs from first pairing with the device using a Tuya gateway and then logs from all different operations and commands sent to and from the device.

I also have a lot of other work to handle, so time is tight.

I used a wire Shark program as sniffer time ago, but for a very short time.
The device is a simple linear actuator afaik, with a small piston with a range of max 5 mm.
It shouldn’t be dangerous even in place as it open/close a small valve on a single Radiator.
if it is off place (that is not mounted on a Radiator) it is still possible to look at the actuator, temperature etc.
Nevertheless I know you are busy and I would not make any pressure on you!

… in the mean time I’ll place an order for one device with tuya hub (it is really cheap)

EDIT: order placed. xmas compulsive shopping syndrome

A zigbee thermostat actuator, there is not lot of choice on the market that works with Hubitat.
For me the missing device is an EU zigbee thermostat (e.g) that works on Hubitat or an equivalent :wink: where the repeater function is working well for Xiaomi & Aqara devices. I need 6 of them…

With a TI CC2531 USB Zigbee stick? Or with a Conbee 1 (not 2)?

In general this would be true, but if done wrong and it’s in a very cold climate, such as northern Sweden, it could have serious consequences. I know it sounds silly looking for worst-case scenarios, but in this case it makes sense.

I suppose I could just get one and see if it reports and functions as expected. I’ll see about that later during the week. As you say, it is a rather simple device in terms of how it works. The whole-house controller units are a very different thing.

Of this I’m aware, we’re looking at alternatives, the issue with the one you link to is from what I’ve seen so far is that the firmware is not 100% correct and probably needs changing, not just the driver. A fully functional European Zigbee thermostat is definitely on the roadmap, but currently that is a project that is not even decided on where in time it is to be done. I’ll see if I have time to check if there’s a new firmware (and/or hardware version) which behaves better than before or if it still requires us to develop our own firmware. Even if it is not 100% standard in terms of communication, as long as all needed features are implemented and it behaves properly in terms of being a repeater it should be fine.


Whith a ti CC2531 usb stick. I tried again yesterday but I couldn’t make it work. I cannot remember which frw was in it :thinking:
I’ve really forgot everything about the stick…

I can understand, it’s a set it and forget it type of thing and the guides out there are rather incomplete or out-dated. We’ll look into making a guide that’s up-to-date as soon as we can find the time.

Well my Tuya Zigbee trv came today, its joined but can’t get it to function with any driver I can find.
Could anyone assist??

@markus im slowly trying to decode the messages
im currenlty using your zigbee toolbox with this added in
case “EF00”:
List data = msgMap[‘data’]
if (data[2] && data[3]){
String commandType = data[2] + data[3]
//log.debug “$commandType”
case “0202”:
String SetPoint = HexUtils.hexStringToInt(data[9]) / 10
logging(“cluster temp setpoint ${commandType} data9 ${SetPoint}”, 100)
logging("other cluster EF00 - ${commandType} - data ${msgMap[“data”]} ", 100)
else { logging(“other cluster EF00 but map null- ${msgMap}”, 100)}
Ive sorted the setpoint messgaes any idea what the other messages could mean

thought id be smart to do the temp but not sure how 16.5 deg on the device =3000 using this
case ‘6902’:
Integer temperature = HexUtils.hexStringToInt(data.takeRight(4).join(’’)) * 10
logging(“Raw Temperature: ${temperature}”, 100)

I have done some work on this now, i have reporting for setpoint , temperature, and mode
still working on battery

I do need some help on cleaning the code up and i have no idea on how to send/format zigbee commands, any one help?