Secret Sauce

Now that you’re receiving your COREs some of you might be wondering, what is the “secret sauce”? Let’s peel back the first layer of the onion that is CORE.
The “secret sauce” is how we package and maintain things (containers, software, updates etc). For some things like in the case of HomeAssistant, it’s not a matter of supporting it per se, but keeping it working and functioning separately and providing ONE platform for all of your needs.
It is also that CORE is crazy stable, even for the techie crowd, it’s something which requires both time and knowledge.
And, we haven’t even implemented the “final” GUI yet. As you all know by now, most CORE services are not yet part of Marjebian. They are currently under development and are to be included at a later date. We can do this because everything is modular.
For B2B, there are things we will be including that make multi-unit management, auto-deployment, and remote management a stable and viable reality and will be part of a well-defined workflow.
Right now, beta is about hardware. User feedback is essential to our development. It will help us to prioritize needs and fixes. Did this answer the question of the “secret sauce”? So far you’ve only seen the bun. Just wait till we get to the pickles.

Thank you @simplextech for asking the question :slight_smile: