Rooms - Meet SPACES

Rooms - outdated terminology. If a door is between two rooms, which does it exist in? We’re saving you the headache. May I introduce SPACE? In the continuing spirit of being modular and flexible, we’ve built a better way to organize your devices. A device can exist in multiple spaces, and spaces can exist within other spaces. Spaces can be used for smart filtering, auto-generated dashboards, and with our future development goals. Rooms, meet Spaces.


I just love that no matter what new thing shows up on HE you’ve already got something that makes it outdated. :grin: Here’s to spaces!

Even better will be when your products show that features can be released without serious bugs to start with!

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If there is no door where does the room begin or end?

Glad to hear CC will support our open “space” floor plan!


Very interesting way to handle it…

I like the example usages too… :slight_smile:

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