Requesting generic motion sensor and leak sensor drivers with presence

Hello forum. I have been using HE C7 and find that the built-in generic motion and leak sensors are lacking device presence feature. Are there community drivers with device presence feature for generic motion sensors like Iris V2 and leak sensors like SmartThings/Aeotech leak sensors?

I think the reason you don’t find presence detection associated with motion sensors is that those are 2 different metrics. A motion sensor senses just that, motion. If you enter a zone of detection and take a nap how is the motion sensor to know you are still present?

I have seen new devices claiming to be presence detectors but upon review they discover that it only works in limited conditions and the claim is greatly exaggerated. I’ve also seen talk about using BLE devices (Apple AirTag, for example) and I believe they work for presence but again with limitations. For example, they are not directional so it works within a sphere around the device so how do you narrow it down to a room? I have no direct experience with these so maybe someone will correct me.

There are some devices that are pseudo-presence detectors, like pressure sensitive pads that report when there is sufficient weight on them, but as soon as you step off you’re no longer “present” even if you moved only a couple feet.

As far as using a water sensor for presence? I have no idea where you see a connection between the two.

It seems to me that right now the Holy Grail of home automation is a presence device with a definable zone that is inexpensive. I think there are many in search of this but it’s not been found…yet.

Presence meaning knowing if it’s on line or not. We do have a application to do that in CORE. There is also a Node-RED flow that can do that. Unfortunately Markus’ drivers are too far deprecated to provide you anything stable.

OH! Never mind. :blush:

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Yes if device is present or not

They still work for my Aqara motion sensors…

Just saying that they’re not being maintained.