[Release] Fronius Solar Inverter

This driver was ported from Samsung Smartthings and originally created by a developer called Tim Flinders so all respect to him. This code has been cleaned up to support Hubitat. In addition, it has had features such as errorCode monitoring, refresh interval and changed energy to support kWh added. Anyways please find the driver here.

How to use this driver:

Inverter Number: 1 (assuming you have a single inverter)
Port: 80


Hello @jchurch. Thanks for sharing this driver.
Which Port should I use to connect my inverter? I tryed to use port 80 but after save and click refresh these logs appears:

Thank you

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Your welcome. Also good point I have added that to my original post for clarity.

btw If your able to it might be worth letting the guy over here know about this driver. I am unable to respond over there.

Wish I had gone with the fronius now! :grinning:

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@jchurch what supplier meter do you have?

Energex smart meter brand EDMI Atlas Mk7C. I don’t monitor it though with this driver and I don’t have the Fronius smart meter component either only the Fronius inverter.

I have the MK10D version and was wondering if you were monitoring this aswell!
I’m trying to find a way without installing a 3rd party energy meter,

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I had just planned to get the iotawatt at some stage as it seems super flexible.

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Looked at that also.
May seem like the best option.

I saw the MK7a has a zigbee version, but couldnt find anything for our 2 version.
I’m with energy Australia and they told me the data consumption would be viewable on “my account” (only just connected so can’t see it yet) but I wonder if I could scrape that data perhaps

That would be cool. Although I never got to pick me box the builder / sparky just organised the lot back then. It was one of the first things they did as they needed power onsite asap.

I get that all with Origin Energy although I cannot poll an API to collect it so only portal access. That said it just has energy used and energy collected from Solar and I already have the solar stats with this driver so technically all i’d need is a Shelly, iottawatt etc connected to main line and I’d see the lot but if I was going iotawatt i’d clamp multiple lines to find out what it’s all using that would be neat.