Re-pairing device in z2m

I am on the latest z2m version using a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Dongle Plus.

I have a hard-wired dimmer switch (a Mercator Iküu SSWD01G) that has randomly dropped off my Zigbee network for a second time recently, and now I am unable to pair it back to z2m. The device works since I was able to pair it up to a Mercator hub that I keep around for software updates.

I tried removing the old device from the configuration.yaml device and restarting and that made no difference to pairing. It is like the coordinator is just not seeing the device advertising that it is ready to pair.

Any ideas on how I can force this device to pair again?

Nothing in the block list?

I have some of these (working), and more to pair when the room is finished, so I hope you can get it working.

So nothing at all in the logs? I assume you’ve run factory reset on the device?

Yes, fully reset, and no, it is like the coordinator is completely ignoring the device, and yet I can pair other devices without a problem. For example I paired up a new Tuya smart plug for example with no problem at all.

As to the logs, I see the permit join entry and then it is like my device is not advertising at all and is completely ignored.

Do you have a zigbee sniffer? Is the Mercator hub turned off? As @Mike was saying, it’s not in the Blocklist, correct?

Maybe a stupid question, are you using a USB extension cable for the stick?

Yes, I have both of my sticks on 3m USB extension cables mounted on brackets outside my server cupboard. The Zigbee network is very solid with excellent signal strength everywhere and the basic Mercator/Tuya hub that I paired the device to for testing was in the same room as my Core and far less well situated and paired instantly.

I am going to try powering down the whole device (which is a problem when you are talking about hardwired devices like this) and see if it makes any difference.

OK, so I replaced the device with an identical device after unsuccessfully trying to fix it by removing power from the device for some time. Interestingly, when I tried to rename my new device to the name of the old device z2m told me that the name was already in use, while it is completely non-visible in the UI.

It seems like a bug in z2m, any last ideas before I report it in Github?

It’s not considered a bug, you can fix it by removing the name from the configuration file (~oh-la/data/z2m/configuration.yaml) or (in the future) rename the old device before removing it. The “feature” here is that if you pair it again, the name will come back.

Ive seen issues like this described on the z2m github before. If you search closed issues you’ll probably find them. I think there’s an internal database file you need to manually edit, then restart z2m. Something like that…

OK, so I had this happen again with the same sort of device. This time I paired it to my OEM hub and then selected “delete and clear all data” and z2m was able to finally see it again when I paired again.

I have had a few other devices act oddly as well, and I am fairly sure that it was z2m bugs. For example, a SmartThings motion sensor that seemed to be alive but stopped reporting occupancy until I explicitly deleted it from z2m and added it again. A simple reset and repair was not enough. I am on version 1.28.0 now.

Oh well, still much more reliable that my old HE.

I’ve also been seeing a few bugs with z2m since the last update. I haven’t been swapping any devices around because I’ve been set up on CORE for 2 years now, but I have noticed some latency at times in some of my devices. We peeked at the bug logs for z2m and there are a few things getting worked out with it. I think it’ll improve. There have been a lot of changes with it in the last few releases.

Patience is not always my strong suit.

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