PSA: 20221102 zstack firmware reported unstable

I haven’t noticed anything in particular related to stability with my system running Koen’s 1102 build for my Sonoff dongle P, but apparently there have been issues.

There’s a new (non-dev) firmware branch of which I was unaware, with a 1226 build that I’m about to flash. If the dev says my firmware is prone to issues, that’s enough for me.

It’s worth keeping an eye on, and we will. But if you’re not having any troubles with things, it might be better just to lay in wait. If it’s not broken don’t fix it might apply here. Meaning if there’s no real reason to upgrade the firmware, it might be in better interests to wait it out.

Very true, but I’m not one to wait… alteady flashed and re-started. A-OK so far!

I will update to it as well others will wait for us to complain if something is not right. But I do run a zig-ah stick with older firmware.

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