[Project] Veroini Notification Lamp

I recently found a Veroini lamp on thingiverse and I thought it looked really cool. I then thought about installing an LED strip inside so I edited it in tinkercad. I added a port for the power and a little cylinder tower too so I could wrap the LED strip around. I installed a Wemos D1 mini and a small strip of 8 individually addressable LED’s. The Wemos D1 mini is running WLED found here.

The end result is I have a cool looking mini notification lamp in my study/office that will glow for 3mins whenever someone presses the Aqara doorbell. I find this useful when listening to music or busy on a conference call. Anyways I thought I’d share my little project for anyone else that might be interested. You can find my thingiverse project here

Here’s my crazy doorbell NodeRed flow. It’s become a bit of a beast :stuck_out_tongue:


Just so happens that you and I were chatting the other day and “blink, blink” :grin:
Works perfectly! Love the idea too!

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Yes that was it’s first real world “test” :joy: :rofl:

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