Power blip ruined my uptime

I’m now on the bottom as I rebooted the hub.
After the reboot grafana does not keep data any more.

EDIT ops! I had to restart influxdb

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Did everyone go soft while I was away? How is it possible that I have the highest uptime in the thread!

I must say, other than some truly sad Z-Wave devices that I have now disposed of, and Zigbee devices eating batteries, everything just works. This is by far the most solid and reliable home automation platform that I have every used. I have over 80 active Zigbee devices, 16 Z-Wave devices and about 20 assorted wifi devices (Tasmota, ESPHome, WLed etc) all coordinated with Node-red and everything just works.

I went away for 7 weeks and other than a light switch which dropped off Zigbee (which is a problem with the switch, not Core) and a few sensors that went flat, the automations were just as quick and reliable when I got home.


Haha, yeah, you just described the two most annoying things these days:

  1. Batteries in general
  2. Devices with funky firmware
    Everything else runs rock solid :slight_smile:

I avoid battery based devices like the plague.

I have only 1 in my setup: a Sonoff SNZB-04 Wireless Door-Window Sensor

To try to set it and forget it, I have modified it myself to use a rechargeable li-ion battery that is way bigger than the sensor itself.

It’s location (to monitor the garage gate) allows for such liberties, and my significant other doesn’t care about it ruining the decor.

Unfortunately, a lot of the convenience automations that I use rely on motion sensors and they almost always are battery powered, as well as being in locations where it is very hard to get power. I have a couple of Aeotec Smartsensor 6, which are on mains power, but these are actually pretty expensive. Another thing which I have recently started using with some success is a rechargeable battery-powered wifi motion sensor, the Shelly Motion 2. I installed one in a high traffic area (kitchen) 6 months ago and have not needed to charge it yet, so it is obviously doing pretty well. Writing this post actually inspired me to check the battery level and it is 99%, which seems impossible. I will check it again in a few months. I guess that I did set it for reasonably power efficient use and don’t use the web interface much. Mostly it just sends MQTT messages to Core.

I have definitely been tempted to re-power sensors with 18650s, which I have lots of in holders that have USB charging for electronics projects.


My current utility is the absolute WORST. At least half a dozen major outages per year (longer than one hour), and countless hiccups. I’m looking forward to my kids graduating and moving out so I can ditch this house and move somewhere (anywhere) else.

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Back from a couple weeks vacation. Came home to influxdb off line. Crazy, but everything was running fine. I was getting all notifications.