Post edit function broken?

Is the editing function for anyone else’s post broken? Not like it isn’t saving, just the pencil button is not there for me under my posts. Very weird.

It’s normal for me.

Super weird, I have tried on both my phone and my laptop with and without incognito/inprivate mode.

The gods are not happy with you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I wonder is this a “trust level” thing? Anyone know where to check what their current trust level is?

Nevermind, I found out, it appears I am level 1 “Basic” trust level, I swear I have been able to edit my post before so that is super odd.

Sidenote: Not being able to edit posts is super annoying and I feel like I am spamming people now.


Thanks mate. @april.brandt can assess this once awake.

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I cant edit either, as I discovered the other day.

no time for sleep!! :rofl:


Truth be told I believe @spelcheck and I are probably the only ones in the group that do actually sleep :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if someone manually did it or I just got it normally, but now I am a member and the edit button is back, hallelujah lol

Still broken for me. I have an editor badge and used to be able to edit my posts.

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Yeah it’s a discourse trust level thing. I got upgraded but not sure how.

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Uhm … I might’ve had something to do with that one.
@gadget I’ve waived the wand. Use it well.


:boom: :woman_mage:

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