Popup notifications on desktop

I need some insight. I spend quite some time at my desk and I’d like something to pop up a window with a camera view if it’s triggered. Has anyone ever done this? Either through Node-RED or pushover or any other app? I’m open to suggestion.

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I’ve not but now you have me interested in doing the same! Too many irons in the fire to dig into this now but I’m sure I can come up with something.

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I’m sure your reolink system has some options for outputting detection activity to other systems.

You can use push notifications to send a screenshot to your phone, there are several programs for popping up notifications on a windows/nix system, there are even options for any android based device such and your new shield :wink:

Look into your documentation and see if there is anyway to output detection information to your mqtt server. This is what I did with my coral/frigate setup. When it detects motion it sends an mqtt message stating the activity type, person/object detected, time and a still shot of the image. Then i have node-red parse that info and output popups as needed.

is possible this could be done with tasker and the join api. If you are an android user that is.

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I already have this going through pushover sending a snap to my phone, and changing color on a few led’s around the house. All through Node-RED. I’m just having a hard time figuring out how to send that to a popup on my computer. It would be nice to trigger the onvif or rtsp stream to vlc or to a web browser.

Join api can do this. It has node red nodes as well.

Opening a direct sfream may be a bit of a challenge but you could for sure push the link. It has a chrome integration that works pretty well.

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What is this that you speak of?


By the same dev as the new Tasker dev.

He also is the author of the autoapps.


I’ll take a look at this.


It also works with eventghost. Which opens up many many options as you can control many things on windows pc. Run command line stuff, scripts etc…


You may also want to look at AutoRemote, which has a Chrome plugin. Can’t say I’ve used it in this way, but it may be possible along with EventGhost.


never noticed this before - no eventghost needed apparently?

lol also noticed it supports mqtt as well.


Another thing you could look into is KDE Connect, which is by the KDE team that builds the Linux distros that share the name. But they also release a Windows/Android app (maybe even MacOS/iOS but not sure on that one) and you can have all notifications forwarded to your desktop, among other things like a shared clipboard, effectively a sftp client, wireless touchpad, media controls, etc.

It is pretty easy to setup, but I am not sure if it retains the complexity of the notifications that you are looking for (i.e. clickable links and an image).

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