[Polling for Interest] Pre-Tasmota'd new DETA switches and controllers

Hi All,

I was about to bite the bullet and flash a bunch of the DETA switches with Tasmota for HE (T4HE), to install in my house. I have been using T4HE for quite some time, it is rock solid, reliable, fast and efficient.

I’m over living in a Franken-house, with different visual, tactile and technical experiences for pretty much every different room and/or endpoint type. With the limited choice of (legal to use) devices here in Australia, the DETA Grid Connect switches and controllers tick all the boxes:

  • good looking (WAF/HAF tick of approval).
  • familiar looking - fancy/non-tactile switches can put off technophobe visitors and family members.
  • broadest range - pretty much everything you need for 90% of use cases.
  • readily available with good support.
  • affordable.
  • capable of switching full rated current (e.g. 10amps), which is important for fans and heat lamps and inductive loads.

I’m also very much aware that since OTA (Tasmotizer) went the way of the Dodo, the risks of assembly/disassembly, soldering and bricking devices, plus the time & skills to climb the learning curve to Flash devices is now making Tasmota a not-so-viable path for many to go down.
I personally have trashed a few devices in the considerable time i have spent learning how to get it done cleanly & reliably, so I’m speaking from experience!

Assuming this is not just a pain point for me, I am thinking of setting up a mini sweatshop in my garage to pre-flash these devices, so that you can basically buy brand-new, ready-to-use DETA grid-connect gear pre-flashed with Tasmota ready for your automation adventures. Not all gear can be flashed so I’ll update the list of available gear as I go.

Assuming there’s demand to make all the effort worthwhile, the rough proposal is to sell these devices for around AUD$70 per device, which includes the device, flashing, and a per-device-sold donation to the fantastic team at Tasmota to support their awesome work.

If you’re interested to buy a few - or even a lot - please click here to let me know your interest and/or suggestions, and once I figure out if this idea/community post was a waste of internet bytes & CPU_Proc, I’ll do the homework and come back to everyone who’s interested with confirmed pricing and lead times.

anyone interested?



You should check in with @jchurch on this. He might be interested in hearing about this.


I flash my own, so I dont need it, thanks.

Also: DETA Smart LED Dimmer Dimmer is not supported by Tasmota!

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thanks Mike no dramas. yep aware of the dimmer but also keen to test the esp12 idea…

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It’s possible see below picture from a guy online who’s done it. All you’d need to do is purchase some ESP12 chip’s and solder them on. Note, he didn’t use Tasmota and also installed a resistor but it would be interesting to try just the chip replacement and try make it all work.