Plans for Notifications from Core

This may have been discussed elsewhere… I am curious what the plans are for notifications from a Core setup, in particular where multiple Core hubs are involved?

Notifications in what way? Like HE’s notifications that you can send to the devices connected via their app or something else?

Yes,like those sent to the HE app

I would be interested in this answer too and in addition ask if there are plans to have an accompanying app for dashboards, presence, etc. that work over the cloud, or is the current plan just to use a browser and VPN?

At risk of derailment, but since it is sort of related, what are the plans for presence? Life360, Owntracks, homegrown?

IMO Life360 has been by far the most reliable compared to Owntracks and Hubitat. Owntracks seems promising and for the iPhone users it seems to be as good as L360, but the android implementation feels like a second class citizen and as a result rarely works.

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Not sure what will be in CORE, but I use the NR email node for txt and email notifications.

You can email to TXT (SMS/MMS) using carrier email addresses. My company keeps a list of providers on file. If you have one I don’t have please LMK.

Cell carrier email to txt

AT&T: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

T-Mobile: {cell number} (SMS & MMS)

Verizon: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Sprint: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

XFinity Mobile: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Virgin Mobile: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Tracfone: {cell number} (MMS)

Metro PCS: {cell number} (SMS & MMS)

Boost Mobile: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Cricket: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Republic Wireless: {cell number} (SMS)

Google Fi (Project Fi): {cell number} (SMS & MMS)

U.S. Cellular: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Ting: {cell number}

Consumer Cellular: {cell number}

C-Spire: {cell number}

Page Plus: {cell number}

I use the smartthings presence sensors (wow the prices are insane now!!), with a modified battery upgrade/holder. Since they are ZB they are 100% local, and should in included in core by default.

Integrations will likely (IMO) be done by ‘popular demand’, mixed with how big a PITA it is. The more people that use a given service, the more attention should be given to its integration. Something like “Bluelab CONTPHCON” might be a bit nitchie, and less demand for an integration. Somewhere at some point I’d think we could do a poll or something for what is “most wanted”.


I will likely continue to use join for notifications. There is node red integration and allows text message as well as push notifications.

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You’ll come to :heart: NR. Tons of supported apps, and such.

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For now, pushover is the recommended route. You could also set up something through tasker and wireguard. We have and app and notifications in our vision, but it’s going to be after we hit the open highway before that happens. Right now we’re still navigating the village.

I actually have a very reliable owntracks setup going on in CORE. I found that Life360 nodes were flooding my Node-RED and crashing it. Owntracks has no load on CORE. The only downfall is that owntracks has to be opened up on android regularly. I do use both for various reasons. When I want to check up on family, Life360 is my goto. When I want to monitor presence, I use owntracks. Each has benefits. Keep in mind, there’s no wrong answers. Only different ways to solve the same problem.


Glad it is working for you, but whenever I tried it, it would sort of detect me (based on the significant change amount) but if that final significant change was outside my geofence it would never put me in the geofence. Using the exact same settings on iPhone never has this issue and the speed is comparable to L360.

Maybe I have to try again with the significant change less that the geofence radius, but that does not explain why it currently works on iOS. Not to mention that the iOS app is COMPLETELY different from the android one, even down to the available settings. IIRC their documentation also references the iOS UI not the android one to put salt in the wound.

I’ll share my settings because it sucks to get it working. It’s a good thing that you would have @RRodman and I to help you get things working. Rob did all the research. The documentation sucks otherwise. We’ll do a community post in the coming days.


For a year or so I used SMS messages out of node-red but, for whatever reason, they started getting delayed anywhere from a minute to days(!) so I switched to Telegram. node-red-contrib-telegrambot It was a PITA to get setup, probably because I never looked at it before that, but has been rock solid. I created a bot that NR uses to send with but intentionally stopped right there as I don’t want to use Telegram for any other communications. I’ll help you as much as I can but I don’t remember much below the 30,000 foot level so caveat emptor.

I’ll probably go down the Tasker route. I use it to turn on the screen on my tablet in the kitchen, so will probably do something similar for notifications. But it’s good to hear there will be something built in.

I’ve been meaning to get back to testing the setup for actionable notifications someone posted on the HE Community.

I found tasker difficult to sort out. Seems odd considering. The irony is not lost in this. But, in my defense, I haven’t had a solid use case to make me want to sort it out. Maybe someday.


Yeah, I’m more a fan of what you can do with Tasker and it’s plugins, but not so much the interface. I also find it difficult and frustrating, but once you get something setup, it can do some really neat stuff.

Oh, and I expect I’ll probably shift to the built-in option when it becomes available.

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I posted a bit about this in HE community. At the time I was able to include three buttons in the notification that would trigger different cloud urls. Works a treat.


I’m looking forward to seeing what that is. :grin:

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I use telegram, for me this has been very reliable
Since I use telegram for my unraid notifications, just made sense

Telegram can do this!
I haven’t delved too much Into it, but I did set up a small test flow and can confirm it works very well

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Ditto. I left the receiver node in place, connected to nothing, but it would be easy to receive commands back and do something with them in NR. I just don’t have anything I care to do that with yet.

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