Pairing Adventures

I’m creating this thread to document my migration adventures. I’ll continue to add to it as I move through devices. Feel free to ask questions and post suggestions.

To clarify, we have all been running development environments because it’s a tough thing to be in active development and expect to keep the SAF optimal. Heading into the campaign, we feel it’s time to pull our systems together and turn off the supporting devices that we used during previous phases of development. We’re excited to move forward and get this party started.


Environment Sensor -

Environment Sensor by Iman tonight. It’s reporting nicely. It’s fast. Only took a few seconds. Like 3. To pair. It’s quite intriguing to watch the system run. I don’t have any of the daughter boards to get them integrated right away, and I’m confident we’ll get them integrated at some point.


4/29/2021 18:25

Nothing can keep me from being ever impressed. SEriouxly. Paired up a GE zwave switch. It just works. How can this be? Just a simple on/off switch, but it’s responsive. That’s what I like. I forgot to get a screenshot, but a switch really isn’t that interesting.

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Screenshots or it didnt happen!!

J/k of course.

Watching with interest!

Meaning you’re getting data into node-red from it? If not, where are the “reports” seen?

I’ll give screenshots, but only in node red. I’m don’t have the ok to screenshot the UI yet.

Besides - our Node Red nodes are pretty cool too.

It seems that our campaign launch has me a bit distracted from migrating my devices from my development environment to my home Core. As soon as things are in order, I’ll get back to sharing my experiences.


I’m curious, will you be using node red still or the built in ui once your home core is live?

The UI and Logic Engine are being actively developed and tested. It’s not quite ready for prime time, yet. It will be all polished up by the time we ship, but there is a lot of work that goes into this and we will continue improve it going forward. So, I’ve been using Node-RED that is native on the core.

See … I’m excited about how things are possible with the core. There’s something that we’ve been not saying. To answer that question I’m going to have to come clean with my excitement. Getting up and running with the Core takes just a few minutes. After your Core initializes, it finds your hubs and other equipment and asks if you want to essentially take them over. Turning your old hub into a gateway. No additional installs or hoops to jump through. It. Just. Works. So, importing your flows into node red for the established home is a 5 minute thing. You just have to change your flows as you go. You can leave your old flows to your existing automations where they are and simply change the new ones as you go. The rules that you have already set up will still work until you disable them as you either build new automations in the logic engine, or use the Core nodes to control these things while you migrate your devices. This makes migrating a breeze because pairing your devices to Core doesn’t have to happen immediately. It’s now on your time. I DO plan on using the UI and Logic Engine as I move forward. It’s a beautiful thing. Well planned and easy to use, but there are so many things right now to test, I’m like a kid in a candy store. This is why we refer to ourselves as an environment ecosystem.


OMG! That is just TOO cool!! Great work, OLL.


I have to say I love the fact that node red will be native. Along with the interoperability amongst different platforms. The Core seems to be ready to make thing easy. With access to all the integrations available through node red Core is going to have an amazing ability to control almost everything from day 1.

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Node-RED isn’t the only thing under that hood. Our nodes are not ordinary. It’s crazy. We were listening. Campaign is happening soon. There will be much to discuss. Spread the word. We can reach our goal with your help.