Oll-system --versions now includes all current container versions

It is now possible to see all current container versions in Marjebian, the output will also tell you if there’s an update available for a specific container.
The command to run is:

sudo oll-system --versions

Example output:


I ran this and it was useful to see what is not up to date, however… can we add the container name to use for sudo oll- --update?

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Yes in general all oll- commands use the same formatting and have the same options.

When in doubt oll-programname --help :wink:

agree, but in the screenshot above you see “Zigbee2MQTT container …” but the command is “oll-z2m” if they matched or you added the oll-z2m, it would be easier for upgrading…


This is a good idea and a perfect example as to what we need beta for :slight_smile: The change has been made and will be part of the next update.


I ran this command this morning and didn’t see the usual container version info. Here’s the output I got:


INFO: Marjebian: v1.8.2.0727 (only changed by a FULL system update)
INFO: Update Init Version: v1.2.1.0828
Installed: 1.2-47
Candidate: 1.2-47
Installed: 1.2-7
Candidate: 1.2-7
Installed: 1.0-1
Candidate: 1.0-1
Installed: 1.0-8
Candidate: 1.0-8
Installed: 1.0-2
Candidate: 1.0-2
INFO: NOTE: The Marjebian version is only updated when running a FULL system update, see documentation for details.
INFO: If Candidate is newer than Installed it means there is a new update available for that package, run oll-update-init
INFO: Checking container versions, may take a little bit of time on any type of Internet connection…
WARN: It MAY take a long time the first time versions are checked, especially for HomeAssistant.
INFO: NOTE: Unknown version usally means that you do NOT have the container installed.
INFO: NOTE: When latest is shown as unknown it may be due to information missing in the cache or no tag being used for the container.

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Seems to be an issue there now, I’ll look at it. Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: This has been fixed in the current version.