Now that things are live on Indiegogo -- Hmmm -- Wonder what tidbits they can tell us?

I’m so stoked about the new hub (btw: if you’re excited, you need to pop over and chip in some change so the sucker gets funded and goes live).

I’m super curious about how it will interface with other systems things like Hue, IFTTT, etc. I’m hoping someone can figure out how to interface with (one of) the leading security camera outfits (swallowed up by the big Am***n) thru their IFTTT protocol.

Being able to tie security devices (door contacts, motion sensors, door locks, smoke/CO alarms, doorbells, etc.) into home automation is sweet (but the big A* is seemingly staying as locked in their own world as possible. :frowning: ).


Oh there are tidbits. I’ve got this slated for an answer later, but I know that the Hue has definitely been answered under one of the other threads. We’re still addressing a lot of integrations, but I will get with Markus about this and at least get his thoughts.


Perfectly. For the same reason it works with the others. :grin:

I have a hard time wrapping my head around why this would be necessary. If there is a use case that can’t be integrated without it. Yah, we’ll be all over it.

So far, the only part of this under development is the RTSP to websocket for dashboards, etc. Or … what WE call dashboards. EVERYTHING.
Object and motion detection is in the pipeline, but it will take time as to deal with the complicated process of building a trusted development relationship with the manufacturers.
With that said, there are many avenues that will become more viable in the near future. We are keeping our focus on this, like the growing popularity of the Coral.


Arlo is an example where IFTTT is still a necessary evil at this time (for arming, disarming, motion, siren activation etc)…

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There’s also a library implementing the Arlo API, this code doesn’t have a clear license so we may not be able to use it as a built-in, but as a 3rd party driver it would probably do well.

This is true for a lot of things, contains a lot of goodies which would make integration easy for many things.


Speaking of APIs, I’m anxious to see Core’s. As a potential developer I’m interested in the gory details.

I do think this is important - there are still a lot of integrations available only via IFTTT and it gives you all these on launch date.

I would love to get your insight on this @Kevin. I can’t say we don’t have a bit of tunnel vision on some things because we’re very focused lately. This is why we ask the community. I would love for you to tell us why IFTTT is important to you. Let’s look at this and find that solution.


Some questions:

  1. Are you going to have “virtual” devices that can mimic any real device?

  2. When creating rules (or whatever you call it), will they be resilient to changing devices? Example: if I delete a real device, will it bust the rule–or will it automatically turn it into a “virtual” device so I can later replace it with another “real” device?

probably more to come :slight_smile:


Yes, though the need and usage is different from other platforms.

Yes, that will not be a problem. Complete resilience. The “deleting” of devices works a bit differently on CORE. In short, replacing one device with another is an easy task.