NOT a - 1 day ONLY sale (LED strip $29.60)

Lowest price I have every seen them.

$26.50 Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Strip 2m/6.56ft Base Kit (controller and strip)

Yes I posted this back in March at $35 (thank you for the reminder site!), but this deal is too good NOT to post. Enjoy.

EDIT: because I’m an idiot, and thought the prime 1 day shipping was the 1 day sale. More time for you to get some!

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Can 2 of these strips be plugged into one power supply to make it 12 foot?

oh yeah easy. I’m planning to hook about 5-7 together to to replace the Sylvania strips I’m using now on the porch (Sengled do not repeat or mess up the mesh). You’ll end up with left over controllers, but at this price, it’s cheaper than the extensions.

And I’m a moron, the shipping is one day not the sale :man_facepalming:

I was curious so I went and found this. Looks like the max is 30 feet (I have fulls plugged into fulls, and know it works. They are just using extensions since that is how they want to sell them)

  • CUTTABLE AND EXTENSIONS: The length of the light strip can be both lengthened and shortened. It can be cut every 6 LEDs (About every 25 cm, or 9.8 in)) along the cutting marks if you don’t need such a long lights. To extend, you can add up to 8 Sengled 3.28ft extensions that are available.