NodeRed developer info required


I’m looking to create my own custom nodes within NodeRed. What steps should I be following to ensure I don’t screw things up! :slight_smile:

Should I be creating my new node files within a new sub-folder under
/home/oh-la/data/node-red/node_modules (which is currently empty)
and then use the ‘NPM install’ command to install them from there (which I guess will load them properly into the above main NodeRed node_modules folder).

Have I just answered my own question? :thinking:

Thank you!

I’ve created a folder in the path /home/oh-la/data/testnode and my files are within that. However, when I try and ‘npm install’ the files from this folder and restart NodeRed, the palette isn’t updated nor can I see a new folder created under /home/core-services/data/node-red/node_modules/

Any ideas?

Creating your own node I am not 100% on as i just use subflows to fill the need, However that being said the proper base directory you should be working in is /home/oh-la/data/node-red

The npm command must be run from the folder containing the node, or from within the core node-red directory for them to install properly.

sorry i cant be more specific, all my time lately has been focused on granny care, CNC, and lightshow stuff so im a bit fuzzy on core specifics :confused:

@markus should chime in later with a definitive answer though :slight_smile:

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