Node-Red http request node - payload

Hello Guys I am using the http request node. I am passing in the below payload via function node. Is there anyway to build the same payload with other regular nodes and change some of the data on the fly?

Ok my use case. I am attempting to use the join api to send sms messages to selected phones. If i use the below function I can use the append to query string parameters and the text gets sent. I however would like to be able to change the number and the sent message based on device state and what changed.

Not sure if that makes any sense, I would sure appreciate any thoughts on how to do this.

msg.payload = {
    'apikey': "5ecd2f0b4739bladdeblahf6cb2ae737c",
    'smsnumber': 5598040000,
    'smstext': "hellofromnodered",
    'deviceId': "fea8e960668d49858fb33cf8c44d6943",
return msg;

Again I should have played more before asking. Seems I can pass whatever data I want in, just using the msg.names.

CORE can now communicate with me at will!!

msg.push = {
    'apikey': "5ecd2fcb2ae737c",
    'smsnumber': msg.payload,
    'smstext': msg.topic,
    'deviceId': "fea8e960668d49858fb33cf8c44d6943",
return msg;

Does anyone else spend any time with tasker or the other autoapps? The join api?

You can setup some nice actionable notifications with the join / tasker combo.