Node-RED Big timer help

So I have a question, this morning I noticed my Nodered docker updated to 3.0 and now my Big Timers dont seem to be operating as expected?

This flow is pretty simple, its supposed to turn on a accent light from sunset to 11:30. Which previously worked just fine. However, this morning I noticed that the accent light was on, after checking the flow it is showing that it is being told to be on even though its not in the active time frame. Its currently 11 a.m. so clearly the flow should not be true.

I check the event log and the machine does have the correct current system time.

Any suggestions?

Ok, so apparently the event log shows time relative to the PC viewing, and not the host. For whatever reason when the docker updated Node-RED, it changed my TZ to Europe for some reason!

That’s crazy! Good catch!